What to do when you have credit card debt

Bankruptcynow - What to do when you have credit card debt

Most people in America have credit cards. Most of those people also have credit card debt.  This debt requires you to pay interest and late charges on that debt. The interest and late charges on credit card debt can be as much as 30%. Normally, it would be illegal to charge that amount, but credit […]

What’s the Real Impact of Bankruptcy on Your Credit Report?

bankruptcy now - What's the Real Impact of Bankruptcy on Your Credit Report?

One of the most difficult decisions to make around the process of filing for bankruptcy in Florida is recognizing the potential impact it could have on your credit now and in the future. For so many people looking at bankruptcy in Florida, however, this might be the only opportunity to receive a fresh start and […]

Do I Have Any Other Options Besides Filing Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a way to put the past behind you and to move more confidently into the future, but this should only be done when you’ve considered all your options before filing bankruptcy. Speaking with an experienced lawyer can help you determine when this is the most appropriate option for you so that you feel […]

Florida Bankruptcy Guide

Thank you for reading our bankruptcy filing guide. Our goal is to provide the most straightforward playbook to help everyone understand the bankruptcy process. First and foremost, it is more common than most people think. In an average year, approximately 70,000 chapter 13 bankruptcies are filed in the state of Florida. Many successful people including […]

Can I File For Bankruptcy Without a Job?

Job loss is one of the most common reasons to find yourself between a rock and a hard place financially. Suddenly, you’re faced with a lack of income against all the debt you’ve accumulated and you find yourself in over your head. Losing a job is a serious issue and one that has ripple effects […]