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Do you have any of these common financial problems?

Bankruptcy 101 | Bankruptcy Attorney Miami FL
Bankruptcy 101

Bankruptcy is very complicated.  Many lawyers will not get involved in bankruptcy cases because of the complexities of the bankruptcy code.  A lawyer who files the bankruptcy for you, needs to be familiar with the bankruptcy schedules.

Credit Card Debt | Bankruptcy Attorney Miami
Credit Card Debt

Once you are paying less than full payments on your credit card, you are in trouble.  Interest is so high on credit card debt that when you are making minimum payments on the credit card, you are barely paying any principle, if any.  If you get so behind on your credit card debt, many credit card companies can do several things.

Foreclosure | Bankruptcy Lawyer Miami

Is a state court process that allows the bank to repossess your home.  When you bought your house, you signed a promissory note and a mortgage.  Because you signed the note and mortgage, if you are behind on your mortgage payments the bank is allowed to begin foreclosure proceedings in state court. 

Garanished Wages | Bankruptcy Attorney in Miami
Garnished Wages

In order to have your wages garnished the first has to be a judgment against you.  That means you must be sued by a creditor who you owe money to, and they get a judgment from the court saying you do owe the money.

Child Support | Bankruptcy Attorney in Miami FL
Child Support

There is a formula that determines how much child support should be.  It is based on both parties income and expenses, need and ability to pay.  Most of the time, child support is resolved at mediation in a family case. 

Back Taxes | Bankruptcy Lawyer in Miami
Back Taxes

Property taxes or real estate taxes are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy, meaning they cannot be wiped out.  If you want to keep your house, these taxes must be repaid.  Outside of bankruptcy, if you don’t pay your real estate taxes within three years, a certificate will be sold.